Why Choose Us
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bongers Homebuilders
  1. Step by step guidance
    We will make a complicated process simple. One step at a time with a focus on making the right decision at each step.
  2. Talk to our clients
    We encourage you to talk to our previous clients and ask them about their experience with
    Bongers HomeBuilders.
  3. Clear and honest answers
    We will always tell it like we see it. Sometimes you may not like the answer but you can count that
    it is the truth.
  4. Smart 'green' choices
    We expect the cost to operate a home will continue to rise and that inefficient homes will be worth less in the future. We are committed to using the latest innovative products and processes to build homes that will avoid this fate.
  5. Our experience
    We were one of the first to re-build new homes in older neighborhoods over 10 years ago. We understand tearing down an older home and building a new one can ruffle some feathers but we work hard to keep neighbors happy. We don't have to live next to them but you will.
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Satisfied Customers…
“I had seen two other houses built by them and the home owners loved them. Bongers HomeBuilders was highly recommended.”
—Janet Fortenberry