Our Process
1. Initial meeting on budgets and design
  • Discuss the pros and cons of remodeling versus building a new home
  • Discuss what style and size of home works best on your lot
  • Discuss preliminary designs and finishes in relation to their costs
  • Review any preliminary architect's plans you may have already completed
  • Determine an appropriate timeline for follow-up meetings
2. Meeting if plans are already completed
  • Review pricing on any plans already completed
  • Review the Scope of Work document detailing how we will build your home
  • Discuss finish levels and specific costs associated with each
  • Discuss alternative finish choices and their costs
  • Detail a list of changes that need to be addressed
2. Meeting if no plans have been started
  • Introduction to our designer Dave Price
  • Discuss clients floor plan needs and design ideas
  • Review clients wish list of what is really important
    to incorporate
  • Draw rough sketches for floor plans and a front elevation
  • Determine time frame for follow-up meetings on
    the design
3. Meeting to make final adjustments and review contracts
  • Review all changes and costs made during earlier meetings
  • Finalize decisions on overall construction costs
  • Discuss the time frames on permitting and construction commencement
  • Answer all outstanding questions…make sure everyone is comfortable
  • Sign contracts that let us start the permitting process
4. Meeting to discuss selection choices and client responsibilities
  • Introduce our designer that help with the selections process
  • Provide a list of decisions and choices along with when they are due
  • Provide a list of vendors to meet from cabinets to electrical fixtures
  • Introduce you to our online scheduler and selection sheet summary
  • Drop off notes to your neighbors to inform them what to expect
5. Construction Period
  • While we like to see and talk with our clients throughout the build process, we also require specific walk-throughs to review the construction process. These walk-throughs are meant to fine tune the home to our client's desires. Often, no matter how much time is spent on the design process something may not look how the client intended and catching these issues early is essential.
  • Post framing walk-through is necessary to make sure no framing changes need to be made prior to the installation of plumbing, heating and electrical mechanicals. It also allows us to layout anything specific concerning the mechanicals. As an example, often times a client has a specific need for an electrical receptacle or the placement of a shower head at a certain location.
  • Pre sheetrock walk-through is an opportunity to confirm all the mechanicals are located exactly where our client wants. It is often tough to envision some things until they are installed and making adjustments now is relatively easy compared to farther along the construction process.
  • Pre interior trim and painting walk-through lets us show our clients exactly where and how the interior doors and moldings will be installed. Also, it is a great time to test an interior wall color to make sure it is the right choice.
  • Post interior finishes and final mechanicals walk-through is a good time to catch any items that need to be addressed before the final walk-though. These are items that should be relatively minor but will allow our final walk-through to be smooth.
  • Final walk-through is our chance to polish every last item and adjust every last squeaky door hinge before our clients move into their new homes.
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Satisfied Customers…
“You will never work with a builder with more integrity than Ray. He is very honest and ethical in everything he does and we had great peace of mind knowing that we could trust him completely. His work is excellent and we are very happy with our end result. Most of the subcontractors we met through this process told us that of all the builders they work with, Ray is the best and that they find his work to be high quality overall. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
—Gail Wickson